About Us

Who are we?

We, “S Company Export” are a team of  Custom Manufacturers who supply customized tote canvas bag of cotton and jute. We are one of the Leading Indian Suppliers and Exporters of Jute & Canvas Bags. We also manufacture & export Leather Products & Leather Accessories.

If you are looking for Jute Bags, Canvas Bags, Beach Bags, Gifting Bags, Wine Carrying Bags, Drawstring Bags, Cotton Tote Bags, Shopping Bags & more, you can connect with us. We also deal in Leather Products which consists of Leather Bags, Leather Clothing like Jacket & Pants, Leather Accessories & Usable.


We Are a, "ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System"

Stack of ecofriendly bags

Our Mission

We provide High-Quality Products which are stylish, sustainable & reusable. We DO NOT use plastic in our products.

Our mission is to reach our customers in every country in the world. We have a vision to provide and create dream products for our customers. We aim to reach all the countries in the world. 

Recyclable Products

The material that we use to create our products is a recyclable material & can be recycled & reused.

Stylish & Modern

All our Leather Products & Bags are stitched, with the in-demand trends & styles.

Plastic Free Products

We are against single use plastic products & plastic material as it is very harmful for our mother nature.

Why Choose Us?

Our Values

Looking For Custom Manufacturers of Leather, Jute & Canvas Products?

Apart from the above products, we also make custom or specific designs according to our client’s requirements.




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